It’s a matter of trust…..

Who can you trust anymore? Our leaders haven’t been setting a good example for some while…. let’s not go there…  In these days of information overload, sometimes mis-information overload, it’s hard to figure out the truth or know who to trust.

When you’re making your Last Will and Testament you need to find someone you can TRUST to carry it out for you. You need to TRUST that the person you’ve chosen is qualified. Insured. Experienced. And not only that but is empathetic – listens carefully to you, fully understands your personal and financial circumstances and gives you the best possible advice with regard to latest legal and tax updates. (Wills also contain TRUSTS but that’s a different story for another day….)

The law is an ass

Many people put their trust in solicitors – quite right too. They are heavily regulated and governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Making mistakes or wilfully misleading clients can lead to them being struck off so the onus is on them to look after you as well as you deserve to be. And if they don’t,  you have some comeback. So why would you put your trust in an independent Will Writer? Why would you put your trust in Dead Good Wills? Why would you put your trust in ME?

Here’s why…..

(In the blogging world no-one can

see you blush)

You need to know you can trust me so I’m just going to lay it out there….. It’s a blog – you can’t see me blushing…. And no-one else is going to blow my trumpet for me….

Dead Good Wills has been in business for almost two years but before that I had eight years of experience working with and for solicitors. Chances are if you booked a solicitor’s appointment at the firms where I worked you may have been given an appointment with me, or someone like me, to take your instructions. With the expertise and well-oiled machinery of a law firm behind me I learned the ropes and worked my way up from the bottom. No, I’m not a solicitor but a paralegal (an umbrella term used to describe people who work as lawyers but without all the formal qualifications of a fully *ordained* solicitor (is “ordained” the right word? You know what I mean).

Not satisfied with just gaining the practical experience I put myself forward for Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Certificates in Trusts and Estates plus Advanced Will Writing. My firm supported me to do it and even though I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree the training and exams were by a long chalk the most challenging and difficult that I have done in my academic career. These exams are the ones that qualified solicitors embark on when they want to specialise into wills, trusts and probate work. They have only a 50% pass rate. I’m one of the 50% that passed them first time. Go me! You might be able to tell that I’m pretty proud of these qualifications!

On the back of these qualifications and my experience I landed a plum job fee-earning for a law firm, where I managed my own clients/caseloads – wills, LPAs and probate work. Challenging but rewarding work.

So, I’m qualified and experienced but how else can I inspire you to trust me?

The machinery

Will writing is not a regulated activity so you do need to be careful who you choose. I’ve opted for self-regulation by being a member of the Society of Will Writers. As a member, I’m obliged to complete a set number of hours of Continuous Professional Development each year and I must abide by the SWW rules and client charter.  Not only that but they provide technical back up should I come across a complex issue I might not have faced before – so although I am a solopreneur I do have a network of experienced folk behind the scenes if needed.

I’m also fully insured. Very important for your peace of mind (and mine!)

Whenever I complete a Will that you would like me to store for you – I register it with Certainty the National Will Register so that there is a public record of your latest Will and where it is stored. If you’re not storing with me then I will give you advice about other options for storage as it’s not the best plan to keep your original at home.

What guarantees have you got if things go wrong….

….I hear you ask. As with solicitors, there is a complaints procedure to follow via Society of Will Writers in the event that you’re not satisfied with my endeavours to rectify a situation that you feel has gone wrong.

Plus, of course, you have my personal guarantee that you will receive the best of my care and attention. Otherwise, I wouldn’t sleep at night.

What happens if I retire or something prevents me from carrying on my business

Again, as with solicitors,  there is back up which is provided by the Society of Will Writers who can help me identify another society member to pick up my caseload if anything happens to stop me from working. I also have a succession plan in place to ensure my valued clients are looked after in the event of my demise – hey, I’m a Will Writer, I have all bases covered! Even when I eventually retire, run-off insurance will be obtained to cover for any unforeseen future issues – I’m here for you for the long haul.

All of my client records are stored in a secure cloud system via the Society of Will Writers and original Wills are stored in a waterproof, fireproof safe. What happens to those original Wills after I retire or pop my clogs? My Will Bank won’t just disappear into a black hole but will be passed into alternative safe storage and the National Will Register updated accordingly.

You can have confidence in me and my systems

I pride myself in being able to give more time and attention to each of my clients than I was ever able to do working for a law firm where they have tight time and fee targets to work to. This is because I take pleasure in the process and, working for myself, I have the luxury of time to be interested in you and your concerns. If you’ve ever had a conveyor-belt experience of being pushed through the Will Writing process I’m sure you will appreciate this.

Trust me, I’m a Will Writer

And if I still haven’t persuaded you to trust me – why not give me a call for a no-obligation chat about your concerns and issues. Or go to my Brochure Link to request a copy of my free estate planning guide.