Standard Wills

Suitable for people with straightforward family relationships and/or lower value assets.

For one person
For a couple

Complex Wills

Suitable for people with more complicated family relationships, or who have financial dependents with special needs, or who are hoping to protect their share of the family home for children from a previous relationship, to name a few examples.

These types of Wills offer bespoke solutions to more complicated situations. Most law firms have a sliding scale of charges for complex Wills but Dead Good Wills gives a price promise of one fixed fee for any variation of these types of Wills.

For one person
For a couple

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

LPAs allow you to appoint trusted people to act on your behalf in case you lose mental capacity to manage your own finances or make decisions about your health and welfare. You can also allow people to act as your attorneys to assist you with your financial transactions even while you still have full capacity. They are incredibly useful documents to have and ideally will be put in place far in advance of you actually needing them. There are two kinds of Lasting Power of Attorney – one for property and finance and the other for health and welfare decisions.


* Please note this price includes the Office of the Public Guardian’s registration fee which is currently £82 per LPA. LPAs have to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before you can use them.

Registration of Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

If you are named Attorney for someone who has the old-style Enduring Power of Attorney and they have started to lose mental capacity, it is time to register the EPA. Dead Good Wills can prepare the application to include Notices to all relevant parties.


* Please note this price includes the Office of the Public Guardian’s Registration fee.

Letter of wishes

You may choose to add a more informal letter to your Will. Letters of wishes are not legally binding like your Will, but give you the opportunity to leave a more personal note of your wishes to your family and friends.

For one person
For a couple

Severance of joint tenancy

If you currently co-own your house with someone else as joint tenants, when you die your share will automatically pass to the co-owner and not by your Will. If you wish your share of the house to pass according to your Will instead, then you will need to own it as tenants-in-common. A legal document putting this into effect can be prepared.


* Price includes Land Registry Office Copies

Will storage

It’s advisable not to keep your original documents at home in case they are lost, damaged or destroyed. We can store your Will for a one-off charge of £15 which also covers the cost of returning your Will to you by recorded delivery when required.

Cost per person